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Evangelische Stadtmission
St. Ingbert
A site about the work of the St. Ingbert City Mission.

Treffpunkt Seelsorge e. V.
(bis Dez. 2008)
A site about the work of an initiative offering spiritual counselling and advice (site closed Dec. 2008)

Heimat- und Kulturverein
Osteral e. V.
A site about the work of the Ostertal Valley Historical and Cultural Association.

A site about the educational program of the Evening College of Further Education in Saarbrücken.

Zweiter Weltkrieg
Saarland und Umgebung
A site about plane crashes in the Saarland and its neighboring areas

Vorfahren von Claudia
und Bettina ZIMMER
A site about the ancestors of Claudia and Bettina ZIMMER